Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home, Home on the Island

James and my living quarters, although small, are actually very comfortable! We live in the True Blue married dormitory on campus which has its pros and cons. I feel very safe on campus; James is often at the library or class until dark, so it is nice to feel safe when I am home alone at night. We also LOVE the fact that our utilities are included with our rent, so we can blast the air conditioning and take long, hot showers without care! Such a luxury!!

Another living on campus perk is that we don't need a car and can easily take the SGU buses anywhere close we need to go. I can easily take the bus to the market, friends' houses, the beach and pool, and the school I volunteer at. Although I miss the convenience of having my own car, and miss belting out my Broadway tunes while driving, buses are definitely the way to get around. The Grenadian people are CRAZY drivers; Not only are the driving laws loosely followed, or completely ignored, but they also drive on the other side of the street, like in England. Cars swerve around other cars, cut drivers off, pull out in front of others, or completely stop in the middle of the street often. Even on the buses, it is like we are in a video game or playing chicken until dodging another car at the last minute!

Aside from not having to drive, another pro about living on campus is that James often comes home to meet up with me for lunch or dinner before he goes back to class, lab or the library; this is something he would not be able to do if we lived off campus. I love being able to meet up with him for a quick bite and to discuss our days. The only con about living on campus is the size of our teeny tiny studio apartment.  The foot of our bed nearly touches our kitchenette, and the size of my closet is just... shocking!!! I definitely miss my closet at home, and the shelves my husband built to carefully contain my Louboutins. Although small, we do have room for a little table, two desks, and a bed. We also have a very small bathroom and kitchenette. We may look into other living options, but for now, I think we will stay on campus, at least for the rest of this school year.

Here are a couple of pictures of our little home away from home! I hope you enjoy!! O.M.Grenada!!!

XO, Steph

Our Dorm

View From Our Window

Home Accents

 Table for Two

 Our Room

My Teeny Tiny Closet

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