Monday, March 18, 2013

The Great Grenadian Goat

Grenada is full of beautiful beaches, lush greenery, amazing waterfalls, and... GOATS! No, that was not a typo, GOATS! Everywhere you go, you can count at least ten goats along the way. They are usually tied up on ropes or contained within people's yards, however some are roaming free on the streets. Goats have become part of the scenery in our new home, so I was completely caught off guard when a huge goat nearly attacked!

On Fridays I volunteer at the school for special needs in the Limes neighborhood. The children are truly adorable, and I have so much fun leading them during their physical education hour. We warm up, stretch, run and play different games. Last week they taught me how to play cricket; the students thought it was hilarious that I had never played. I tried to explain that cricket is not a popular sport in the United States, and they thought I was crazy! 

Last Friday started out like any other day. I woke up, made breakfast for James, got dressed and hopped on the 10:45 bus to the special needs school. I met up with my friend JP on the bus, and decided to take the short cut to the school. We were going down the narrow path behind the gas station when a goat came out of nowhere! Honestly, goats are not that scary, but this one was BIG and had bloodshot eyes! Although I was sure we were going to get kicked or bitten, JP suggested we inch our way around the goat, through the tall brush. When we tried the goat reared up on his hind legs, opened his big bloodshot eyes and bah-ed very loudly! He looked like he was going to charge when a little Grenadian man hopped out of the bushes and said, "Ohhh sorry 'bout my goat mon!" and without any further explanation lead the goat down the trail. After the initial shock, we both started cracking up. I don't think I will be taking the short cut ever again! 

Although this was my first encounter with a Grenadian goat, I have a feeling it will not be my last! I guess this is all part of the Grenadian adventure! When I called my Mom later that day and told her the story, she just laughed and said O.M.Grenada. I knew then, that the Great Grenadian Goat definitely was worthy of a blog entry!

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